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Team SpiderTech to focus on 2014

ST. CATHARINES, October 12, 2012 – Cycle Sport Management Inc. (CSMI) today announced that Team SpiderTech Powered by C10, Canada’s only professional continental cycling team, is postponing racing activities for the 2013 season and will use the upcoming year to focus on acquiring additional corporate sponsorship.

The team has been competing at the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) Pro Continental level since 2011. Entry into the UCI WorldTour, will elevate the team’s status and provide access to compete in the premier cycling races around the globe, including the Tour de France.

“We’re stepping away from continental competition in order to focus our efforts on gaining UCI WorldTour status,” said Steve Bauer, owner of Cycle Sport Management Inc.  “We have made the decision to focus our efforts entirely on making the jump to the WorldTour in 2014 and have determined that we need to acquire additional financial partnerships to reach this goal.”

CSMI has recently made headway with several potential Canadian corporate sponsors, however more time is required to secure partnerships and solidify future financial commitments.

CSMI will continue its operation with SpiderTech Inc. as a partner to develop the internal organization.

  • lfrenett

    What will happen to the team members ?

  • https://twitter.com/#!/mono_fitz Stephen Fitz

    Check Their twitter feed. They are currently placing or have placed almost all riders on other teams.

  • lfrenett


  • Mythos88

    Good luck. I sure hope it works out for 2014.

  • Ecarinio

    Do you need to buy riders with more points?

  • Michael

    I wish Canadian Tire would become a big Sponsor again. They did lots in the 70′s.

  • Robert

    Wow, that is big news. I know chasing sponsor money can be a heck of a challenge. I have ideas–I’ve been looking through the “find a sponsor lens” for years now; not for me, but for when I was trying to help a young formula driver get some backing to move on. I left that behind a couple of years ago, but I often still see companies and think of where they should be when it comes to backing sport.
    The one thing I hope is that things do pan out for 2014, it would be a shame to see the last few years of effort lost to it.
    Good luck!

  • sergio

    i am thinking Target Canada would be a great sponsor being new to our country. Both interest in seeing there logo in a worldwide setting and promoting north american athletes/teams. Target seems to like to sponsor niche sports as well.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jason.ticknor.3 JAson Ticknor

    How do you achieve pro-tour status without 2013 results?

  • http://www.facebook.com/ilduce08 Gianluca Faiola

    ever heard of Orica Green-Edge? lol

  • ntb

    any updates???

    is the team coming back for next year?

  • Matt

    I think Bombardier would be a perfect sponsor. They are a multinational company with a huge presence in Europe and are in the business of moving people – seems like a Marketers dream to pair them with a pro cycling team. Not to mention that they are one of Canada’s largest and most iconic corporations.