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Andrew Randell: Bad karma, black eye

SpiderTech p/b C10′s Andrew Randell is back home after crashing out of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge during Stage 2. Andrew brings us up to date:

One year after breaking my femur I’m back on the injured list, the season finished earlier than expected and my chance of doing the Pro Tour events in Quebec gone again. Last Wednesday at the USA Pro Cycling Challenge I was caught up in a major crash in which I compressed my L1 vertebrae. The prognosis is four to six weeks to recover.

The crash in the USA Pro Cycling Challenge was scary. With no warning we were riding over a cattle guard and Daniele Callegarin’s wheel went into the gap in the middle, exploding and sending him to the ground. He was next to me and I hit his bike, shearing my fork off. On the one side of the cattle guard we were doing 55 km/h and on the other zero.

I’m thinking that I must have done something terrible to someone, maybe in a past life, to have had such bad karma over these past three years. I mentioned this to my ex-teammate Jake Erker and he said that it might be because of the stage that I stole from him in the Tour of El Salvador back in 2007. He said that he was sure he was going to win it before I got in the way. Is that a bad enough deed though to deserve these crashes? Whatever I did, I figure the back luck can’t last forever.

Now my hands are cut up, I’m wearing a back brace and I’ve got a black eye. A friend, calling to express his sympathy, said that there were other ways to get attention than crashing all the time. I’m hoping that this will be the last for a while and that I’ll be racing again in 2012. Thank you everyone for your support and kind words, they certainly help to keep the spirits buoyed when I could just let myself sink into depression. Better to smile though and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

— Andrew Randell

  • Helene Barrette

    All the best for a speedy recovery. That – well, it just plain sucks, there’s no other word. Karma, bad luck, whatever it is, it sucks. Keep your chin up, take it easy, and know that your fans are thinking of you and sending you good vibes. Cheers, and see you back on the roads soon.

  • Anonymous

    Feeling better yet?
    I was right behind the crash and couldn’t believe how hard you guys hit the deck.
    It was preventable two ways; radios (remember those?) could have warned the riders about the grates, or the organizers could have carpeted the worst grates. We were going uphill, but the grade was easy. There were about 5-6 cattle gratings to cross but that one had a big , wheel-sized, gap.
    Not a very good thing for you.